Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the most powerful free link building methods. However, it’s usually hard to pull it off, and you will most likely need a third-party tool to find leads.

What is broken link building?

When you do broken link building, you are trying to find links on a website that points to a 404 page. When you manage to find such links, then you will try to perform manual outreach to the webmaster and let them know of their broken link. As an offer, you can ask them to replace the link to your site. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, however, when it works, you then it’s a wonderful opportunity to grab some free backlinks.

How to do broken link building?

To do broken link building, you first need to find broken links. This method only works, if you find broken links in the same topic. Sometimes the same niche is enough, but the same topic is the best. You can use ahrefs to find some broken links. They have a tool that will list all the broken links on a website.

Once you have the list, you have to select websites that are the same topic as yours. For example if you have a site that is dropshipping pet suppliers, you may find a broken link, that points to a pet webshop that no longer exists. Then, you need to contact the webmaster. Every reputable page should have either a contact form, or an email that you can use to contact the webmaster or site owner.

In your manual outreach email make sure to comment on how amazing their site is, and that you have stumbled upon their article on the topic. You can explain, how while you were reading you noticed that one of the links point to a 404 page. Here comes the magic, don’t immediately offer your site, but rather just point that he should fix it. Then once you commented on this, you can offer an alternate solution: your website which does exactly the same as the 404 website did. If they think your site will bring the same value to their readers, they will be happy to swap the link.

Do note that you will need an actual good website to pull this off. No-one will be happy to link to spammy, scam or fake looking sites.

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