What are guest posts?

A guest post is a content that you publish on a website that’s owned by another person. You usually need to send the guest post content to the webmaster of the other website, then they will publish it. Guest posts are useful, as you will be credited as the author, or get a backlink to your website.

The most common way you are credited is an author box. At the bottom of your guest post, you will have your name and picture published. In the author box, you can write a few words about yourself to know who did the guest post. Along with the description, you will get a link to your website or blog. The author box guest post method is the best for personal blogs. Usually, free guest posting opportunities will feature this as a requirement to avoid any commercial companies link farming the website.

The other way is when you get a link back to your website within the text body. This can be used in various ways. You can usually set the backlink anchor to whatever you want. If used correctly, the link will blend in with the text and provide actual value to the readers. Apart from a backlink, a well-written guest post can generate traffic by itself with people checking the link when reading your guest post. Websites and companies prefer this method of guest posting. However, this method usually costs money.

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